Stay Connected and Strong

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 6:10-12

There’s nothing like a good fire when you’re camping. It keeps you warm, cooks your food, and creates the atmosphere for good conversation. The coals, if they’re kept close together, will provide warmth for hours. But if they’re spread apart, away from the main fire, they’ll quickly grow cold and die out.

Daniel’s faith is tested yet again as he faces the prospect of being thrown into the lion’s den. But seemingly, Daniel isn’t phased by his predicament. Instead of panicking, he simply “got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to God, just as he had done before.”

Like a coal that glows hot because it stays near the flame, so Daniel stayed close to God, the source of his spiritual strength. Every day he was in close communication with his heavenly Father. This exercise produced a strong faith enabling him to trust and obey God in the most difficult of times.

So how is your daily prayer and devotional life? Do tough situations cause you to panic? Like Daniel, we too can calmly handle life’s trials if we abide in the Lord who is our chief source of hope and strength.


Lord, help me to develop a healthy prayer and devotional life so that like Daniel, I may take life’s trials in stride. Amen.