Prayer is the Best Option

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 6:13-17

During a youth-group backpacking trip in Colorado, one of the patrols got trapped in a heavy rainstorm. Their gear was soaking wet, they were cold, and nightfall was approaching when they came upon a cabin with a large covered porch. They spent the night in what little shelter it provided. The next morning, they were awakened by park rangers who pointed out a “No Trespassing” sign on the other side of the cabin. One of the guides hiked back to the base camp to explain the circumstances. Nevertheless, the outfitting company and guides were penalized. No amount of pleading could change the law.

King Darius was in a similar situation. He was the highest ruler in the land, but was unable to undo his own decree. The king was determined to rescue Daniel, trying everything within his power right up until Daniel was thrown to the lions. Interestingly, Daniel never once appealed to him for help. Daniel knew that if he were to be rescued, it would be through the power of his heavenly Father, not an earthly king.

Are you in the midst of a struggle? Have all earthly options been exhausted? Know that God is with you and can save you even when the situation seems hopeless.


Dear God, we thank you for loving us and rescuing us in times of need. Help us to seek you when trouble comes. Amen.