Back-up You Can Rely On

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 6:21-23
Job 1:6-12

I once learned a faith lesson while perched on a cliff ledge during a youth group rock-climbing trip. In order to reach the top, I needed to lunge upward, find a second handhold, and pull myself up – all before gravity took over. It was then that I heard the voice of my belayer, the person holding the other end of the rope from which I dangled, shout, “Go for it. I’ve got you!”

What we learn from our reading in Job is that nothing can harm us unless it first receives God’s permission. In other words, Satan is powerless to touch us unless it is part of God’s sovereign plan!

When we put our faith in him, he stands ready with a host of angels to shut the mouths of lions and ward off Satan’s attacks. We’re free to “climb on,” trusting and obeying with the assurance that no matter how dangerous the task, he affords complete protection.

Do you feel the Holy Spirit prompting you to obey him in a matter with seemingly dangerous consequences? Go for it! God is holding the other end of the rope and will not let you go.


Lord, I thank you for your reliable back-up support. Help me to live with spiritual abandon, obeying and trusting without fear of repercussions because I know you are in control. Amen.