A Matter of Perspective

Craig Abbott

READ : Daniel 6:25-28

During an international mission trip to Trinidad, we experienced unseasonable rain for several days. Flooding closed roads and shut down the municipal water supply. There were 30 of us living in a small house with no water. Our situation was looking grim. We started to wonder if we’d be able to get to the airport at the end of our stay.

But the Lord used the situation to move us to visit schools and groups that weren’t on our original schedule. We were able to share the gospel with people who wouldn’t normally be visited by mission teams.

Daniel’s situation was mighty grim while on his way to the lion’s den. But God delivered him and used the situation to move the king to issue a remarkable decree – that everyone in his kingdom should “fear and reverence the God of Daniel”! Daniel then went on to prosper during the reign of King Darius and the next ruler, King Cyrus.

We don’t always know how God is working. We have a limited perspective of the events around us. But God is in control. What we see as trouble, God uses as opportunity.


Father, we know that you are moving in our lives even when our situation seems hopeless. Amen.