Amazing Faith

Craig Abbott

READ : Romans 4:18-21

Faith is a tricky thing to define. It’s sometimes used to describe a religious denomination, as “he is of the Christian faith.” It’s also used interchangeably with the words

belief, hope,



as both noun and verb.

In the story of Abraham we learn that faith is more than that. It is a strong confidence “being fully persuaded that God has the power to do what he promises.” Abraham knew he couldn’t have a child on his own efforts, but he also knew that if he trusted and obeyed, God would make him the father of many nations.

In Daniel, we see this same vibrant, durable faith time and time again. When faced with a difficult situation, Daniel put his faith in action by obeying God’s instructions and trusting him to do what he promised. In each instance, God responded to and rewarded Daniel’s faith.

The next time you face a difficult circumstance, listen for the Holy Spirit. Then put your faith in action by being obedient to his leading. Know that God always responds to our acts of faith. He always will do what he promises.


Dear Lord, thank you for the amazing example set by Daniel. May I, like him, learn to become faith-full. Amen.