Come and See

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 66:5-16

Augustine tried many of the philosophies in his day. When he came to Christ, he said that what he missed in those philosophies was the word “Come.” They were impersonal, but the Christian faith graciously invites us to a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Here the Psalmist says, “Come and see” (v. 5). See the wonderful things God has done. Then he singles out one such thing, “He turned the sea into dry land” (v. 6). God’s works of creation are great. This universe that God created with one word of his power consists of an estimated 50 billion galaxies according to Hubble telescope sightings in 1996!

But his redemptive acts on behalf of believers are even more wonderful. The children of Israel were trapped by the Egyptian army after they left Egypt. But God opened the waters before them so that they could escape.

When the first disciples asked Jesus about himself, he replied, “Come and see.” We too are invited to see who Jesus is and what he has done. He is the Son of God, he is the Lord of glory. He is the one who walked this earth, always reaching out to help people. He is the one who was willing to die to rescue us from ourselves and our sin. Come and find the meaning of life.


Jesus, may many come to you today. Amen.