Praise! Sing! Proclaim!

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 68:26-35

This Psalm describes a complex of circumstances. In each we are urged to worship the Lord. “Praise God in the great sanctuary” (v. 26). We should praise God at home, but that is quite private. Again and again, the Bible compels us to praise God with other believers. Some say, “I can serve God OK without going to church.” But here and throughout the Bible, we are told to gather with his people in praise. To fail to do so if we are able is to ignore the counsel of God.

“Sing to God” (v. 32). God has given us the gift of music. We can ignore that gift. We can use that gift to sing songs offensive to the Lord. This is so common today. Or we can use music as God intended. Sing praise to God at home. When we reflect on God’s amazing grace, our hearts will respond. Sing enthusiastically as you join with others in public worship. The tendency to keep our mouths shut while the congregation is singing can be a symptom of spiritual apathy.

“Proclaim the power of God”(v. 34). God’s power to save needs to be communicated throughout the earth. Every Christian is commissioned to be involved through prayer, gifts and personal action. How are you doing?


We praise you, O Lord, we praise you! Amen.