The Lord Needs a Donkey

Harry Buis

READ : Mark 11:1-11

Today we lay aside the Psalms to consider the great event of Palm Sunday, the triumphal entry of our Lord Jesus Christ into Jerusalem. Jesus says regarding the donkey he used, “The Lord needs it” (v. 3).

A woman attended one of the churches I served whose husband didn’t attend. One Palm Sunday he said to her, “Next week I know you are going to insist I attend church with you. I think a person who goes only on Easter is a hypocrite, so I am going with you today!”

In my message that day I spoke of the fact that just as the Lord needed the donkey, he needs us. Our sovereign Lord worked in the heart of that husband and he was saved that day. He came back week after week and later became a member, a deacon, an elder!

Just recently he told me that soon after he began attending, he passed by the adult Sunday school class and heard us laughing. He said to himself, “I thought this Christianity business was supposed to be starchy, but they’re laughing!” So he began attending Sunday school too, and knowing little, he enlivened the class by constantly asking good questions. The Lord needed him.


Father, on this Palm Sunday as people again hear of the Lord’s need for the donkey, may they too be changed as that husband was. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.