Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 73:1-17

On the day after Jesus’ crucifixion it looked as though the wicked had triumphed. Christ was dead. The triumph of the wicked has always been upsetting to godly people. Asaph, in this Psalm, struggles with that problem. He has seen a number of examples of wicked people for whom everything goes fine. It troubles him deeply. As long as he focuses on himself and the wicked, there is no answer.

But then he goes to his “church.” His eyes are opened. He realizes the wicked are on “slippery ground” (v. 18). God is a fair judge. He will surely bring wicked people to frustration and full accountability.

On the other hand, God will be with faithful believers. God will guide them each step of the way. When life ends, God “will take [them] into glory.”

Yes, on the Saturday after the crucifixion, it looked as though the wicked had triumphed. But next comes Easter. Christ is Lord. He is also judge. He will punish the wicked and reward the faithful.

Friend, you may be dealing with some very unfair situations. But tomorrow go to church and hear of the victory of Jesus Christ, victory over evil which he won on behalf of all who trust in him.


Father, there is much we do not understand. We focus on your Son and know all will be well. In His name. Amen.