Keep Your Promises

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 76:1-12

In the midst of a description of the judgments of God, the Psalmist calls for the making and keeping of vows. It would be well for us to consider the vows we have made. Many of us, at our confession of faith, vowed to be faithful to Christ and his church. How well are we keeping those vows? Have we lost our priorities?

Many of us, at the baptism of our children, vowed to give a high priority to train them in the Christian faith and set an example of
godliness before them. Have we become too involved in our work and in our play?

In the presence of God, many of us took vows of faithfulness to our husband or wife. Is satisfying our own desires more important than being good to our spouse?

Unfaithfulness in the key relationships of life is a common failure for many people in contemporary society. This lack leads to so much misery. We who trust Christ must not allow the world to squeeze us into its mold. What wonderful blessings flow from faithfulness in keeping our vows. Examine your life. Is it characterized by faithfulness? God is faithful. He keeps his promises to us. Keep your promises to God and to those with whom you have entered into covenant.


Father, great blessings flow from faithfulness. Work in our hearts by your Holy Spirit. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.