For the Glory of Your Name

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 79:1-13

Jerusalem has been devastated. The people are in a miserable condition. Again, the cry is “How long?” How long will God’s people have to wait for his intervention on their behalf?

The Psalmist gives God a reason why he should come to their aid. It is for the glory of God’s name. The nations will think he is unable to deliver his people. Therefore, so that God will be rightly honored, the Psalmist asks him to act.

One of the greatest statements outside the Bible is the first question and answer in the

Westminster Confession of Faith.

“What is the chief end of man?” That is, what is our main reason for existing? The answer, “To glorify God and to enjoy him forever.” God is not glorified in the inner closet, although we should spend much time there with him. He is glorified in public. When he is glorified, people see how great he is. Let us so live as to glorify God, showing the world what a wonderful God he is. Let us pray that he will act in the public arena so many people may see his greatness. Let us emphasize this reason when we ask God to answer our prayers.


Father, we are unworthy, but we ask that you will do great things for us, and thus show your greatness to people throughout the world. For Jesus’ sake. Amen.