Restore Us

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 80:4-19

The Psalmist is longing for the restoration of God’s people to a strong spiritual condition. His desire grows in intensity. In verse 3 he says, “Restore us, O God.” In verse 7, “Restore us, O God Almighty.” And in verse 19, “Restore us, O Lord God Almighty.” He also prays, “Revive us” (v. 18).

What is the condition in our churches today? That varies. But in the United States there is a great deal of lukewarmness, of “business as usual.” In most parts of the church in the United States there is no outpouring of wholehearted prayer for a great revival. Most believers seem to be much more interested in enjoying their luxuries.

I pray every day for a great revival, a great work of the Holy Spirit throughout the church, for purer doctrine and life, for more love within each congregation, for a greater enthusiasm in spreading the wonderful gospel of Jesus Christ.

If all who read this page today would join in praying every day for a great revival, surely God would hear and answer such prayer. Commit yourself to doing just that and great things will happen in your church. Then it will make a great impact on the spiritual and moral tone of our nation and the world.


Revive us, work powerfully in us by your Spirit. Amen.