Citizenship That Matters Most

Harry Buis

READ : Psalm 87:1-7

Zion is here a name for Jerusalem. In the final chapters of the Bible the new Jerusalem is the church. The old enemies of God’s people, Rahab (Egypt), Babylon, the Philistines, etc, will acknowledge the church. In the New Testament, converts from all nations shall enter the church. They have done so. It is the church’s privilege to proclaim the gospel worldwide so that many more may enter. This is God’s great plan. We should be overjoyed to participate in it.

To be born in Jerusalem was a great honor (v. 5). To be born within the church is a great privilege which leads to great spiritual advantages. It is like being born in a greenhouse where a high percentage of seeds germinate compared to the small percentage that sprout and survive outside the hot house in the cool of spring. If you have been born within the church, you should be most thankful and respond early in life to the invitation to surrender to Christ. The church is responsible to make itself like a hothouse where the faith of little children is nurtured, and where the adults set an example of godliness for the children.


Father, what a great privilege it was to be a citizen of Jerusalem in Old Testament times. We as members of your church have an even greater privilege. Thank you. In Jesus’ name. Amen.