Jacob, A Tarnished Hero

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 27:1-13

Many people in the Bible seem so different from us that it is hard for us to understand how they thought and felt. Abraham waited 25 years for God to begin fulfilling his promise and then almost killed his son. Paul was so otherworldly that he sang in jail!

Then there was Jacob. He is listed with heroes of the faith (Heb. 11:21) because of his final words to his sons (Gen. 49). But the rest of his life was a mixed bag.

If Jacob’s family lived in my neighborhood, here is how I would describe them. Jacob had a twin brother, a fraternal twin, and they couldn’t have been more unlike. His brother Esau was a rugged outdoors type and involved in sports. He looked manly with all that hair.

Jacob’s dad, who liked sports and hunting, went to all of Esau’s games and took him along on hunting trips while Jacob stayed home with his mom and-cooked! Can you believe it? His mom was one of those bossy women who managed everyone else’s life. But Jacob had one redeeming quality; he eventually became a person of faith.

I can identify with Jacob. He was far from perfect; his life was full of ups and downs. But he came to know God firsthand, and that made all the difference.


Lord, I’m so grateful that I know you and that you have known me from the beginning. Amen.