Real Faith Is Catching

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 24:1-14, 26-27

Abraham had plenty of ups and downs in his faith journey. But when it came time for his son Isaac to marry, Abraham knew exactly what to do.

It had been over 60 years since Abraham had seen his relatives in Haran. Occasionally he got a bit of news from a Mesopotamian caravan headed for Egypt. But Abraham was absolutely confident that God had prepared someone “back home” for his son to marry.

Abraham entrusted this enormously important task to his top employee. This man isn’t even named, but his confidence in God, the God of Abraham, is amazing.

What if he had thought, “So I go back to the old country, locate the relatives, and pick out a wife for junior? Right!” But Abraham’s chief servant had fully embraced his boss’s faith. A man in his position had to be smart, but he didn’t trust his own cleverness. He could have thought, “I’ll ask the first person I see whether Nahor’s family still lives in Haran and pay a visit. They can pick an eligible girl as long as she isn’t ugly.” Instead, Abraham’s chief servant prayed. Prayer was his habit.

This unnamed servant is a good example to follow: “Trust the Lord and not your own judgment.” (Proverbs 3:5)


Lord, it is too easy for me to do it the American way. I really need to learn to trust you all the time. Amen.