Meet Jacob's Mom

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 24:10-18
Genesis 27:8-13

As a teenager Rebekah was beautiful and kind-hearted. When a stranger stopped by her village well, she not only offered him a drink but watered his 10 camels too.

Have you ever thought about the amount of water just one thirsty camel needs? Water is heavy, especially in a clay jar. What Rebekah did for Abraham’s servant was like filling an 18-wheeler with diesel fuel-by hand-one 5-gallon can at a time. And for a stranger!

As a girl Rebekah displayed that wonderful hospitality for which people in the Middle East are well known. But as she matured into adulthood, a darker side to her personality appeared. Somehow she became a scheming woman.

The Bible doesn’t record many conversations of Rebekah with her husband Isaac or with her children. But it seems that there were many things this family didn’t talk about enough: Esau’s girlfriends, the boys’ developing characters, the sensitive issue of inheritance.

Did scheming thrive as communication dwindled? It is hard to imagine that relationships could have deteriorated to this extent if family members had been open with one another about their hurts, ambitions, and desires. Were they open with God every day?


Lord, I don’t ever want to become like Rebekah. May I be open with my family and with you. Amen.