Called Me by My Name

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 24:15, 22-27

Many wives aren’t named in the Bible. Not that long ago Americans still commonly referred to a woman by her husband’s name, forgetting her name in the process.

Milcah stands out. After Rebekah had carried umteen jars of water for Abraham’s servant, he finally asked whose daughter she was. Surprisingly, Rebekah gave her grandmother Milcah’s name before her grandfather’s. Now, naming the woman first is very unusual, especially in the Bible. What’s more, the grandfather who took second place was Abraham’s own brother Nahor! So Milcah’s name caught my eye.

The author doesn’t explain why Milcah deserved to be noticed. But one thing I do know. God knew Milcah by name, along with many other women and men in the Bible.

I have to admit that my heart warms when my husband’s colleagues call me by my first name. They recognize me as a real person. If your folk’s friends still call you “Tom’s daughter,” you know what I mean.

The discussion that swirls around women in ministry can leave us feeling like second-class citizens of the Kingdom. But we aren’t. God knew Milcah by name. He knows me too. That is why I can be grateful that God created me as a woman.


Lord, thank you for loving each of us just the way you made us. Amen.