Twenty Long Years

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 25:19-21

Isaac’s story begins here. He had married a beautiful girl, Rebekah, who was generous and gracious beyond words. But after nearly twenty years of marriage, there were no children, a disaster in their culture.

Can you imagine the tension in that home, each blaming the other for the problem, each feeling the bitter pain of failure? But in those days the blame would have fallen mostly on Rebekah.

“Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife.”

On behalf of his wife

-what healing words! If Isaac had been blaming Rebekah, resenting her infertility, suffering humiliation over his own failure to produce a child, healing began when Isaac turned to the Lord “on behalf of his wife.”

Genesis says nothing about those twenty long years. Isaac’s prayer is stated so matter-of-factly that we may think, “Of course he prayed. He always prayed because he is a Hebrews 11 hero of the faith.”

Of course we always pray because we belong to the church. Right? Wrong. Often we fail to pray. Let’s learn from Isaac. It is never too late to bring our broken hearts and deepest private needs to the Lord.


Lord, you invite us to turn to you in prayer. You are always ready to hear us and give us your peace as we wait for you. Thank you for your constant care. Amen.