When Prayer Isn't Prayer

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 25:21-26

An expectant mother normally feels her baby moving inside her, but Rebekah felt more kicks than usual. Since twins were sometimes a bad omen, Rebekah “went to inquire of the Lord.”

The answer Rebekah got was much more than she expected. God foretold her babies’ futures for generations to come. Each boy would be founder of a nation, but the twin born last would dominate the other. What do you do with news like that! The author doesn’t say how Isaac and Rebekah reacted, but the family conflict and deception that followed reveal a flawed faith.

Sometimes I wish God would give me a blueprint for the future. The answer to Rebekah’s prayer seems so clear. It appears that Rebekah failed to continue trusting God. She needed God’s comfort and guidance during her troubled pregnancy. But after her sons were born, she focused exclusively on making Jacob number one in fulfillment of the prophecy. She substituted ambition for humble trust in God. That’s not faith.

Mary, Jesus’ mother, heard many prophecies about her baby. But she stored them in her heart and waited patiently while God carried out




is faith.


Lord, I need to learn to trust and obey you through the twists and turns while you work your will through me. Amen.