A Burger for a Birthright

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 25:27-34

When you despise something, it doesn’t mean that you hate it. It means that you don’t value it very much. You toss your shirt on the floor because it’s too easy to get a clean one. If you valued your mom who washed it, you’d hang it up.

That’s how Esau treated the privilege of being born first. It was no big deal. Besides, he was famished! Eat now and worry about the birthright later-or never. But long after his fast food was digested, that “despised” birthright came back to haunt him (27:36-39).

Jacob may have been quiet, but his scheming brain never took a vacation. Do you think this is the first time he wished that


had been born first? He must have been dreaming about the privileges of the birthright for a long time, and now was his chance to grab it.

Should we be troubled by Jacob’s nasty, self-serving disposition and Esau’s carelessness? After all, wasn’t it God’s will for Jacob to be honored above his brother? But don’t forget; the end


justifies the means. Since God had already decided to bless Jacob and his descendants, Jacob didn’t


the birthright, or even his father’s blessing which he stole later. What he desperately needed was to know God face to face. But he wasn’t ready yet. He didn’t




Lord, I thank you for your patience with me. Amen.