What Are You Hungry For?

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 27:1-4

Isaac had patiently dug wells, looking for a place to settle in the land God promised to him and his sons. Now he was old, and his priorities show where Esau got


values. Esau traded his birthright for stew. And Isaac, instead of concentrating fully on his sons’ futures, was dreaming of a feast.

I remember a different story from my years in Chiapas, Mexico. Early Sunday morning, several brothers from a family village up in the hills above Berea came to buy lumber. Their grandmother had died, and they needed to make a coffin. As we talked about how much lumber they needed, they related a moving description of their grandmother’s last days. They were filled with sorrow as she grew weaker. But they told me how she reassured them repeatedly that she was going to be with Jesus. She was full of joy and wanted them to be joyful too. What a blessing that old woman gave to her family-and to me!

Isaac wasn’t filled with a desire to bless his sons. He would do his duty, but his appetite came first.

Our older years test our values. If we walk faithfully with our Lord and keep our priorities straight, the blessings we receive and give will not be forgotten.


Lord, help me sort out my desires. May I be a blessing among my family and friends all my days. Amen.