Love Out of Whack

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 27:5-17

No sooner had Esau grabbed his bow and arrows and headed out the door than Rebekah raced to find Jacob. In a flash it was clear. Here was her chance to put Jacob first for good. Her mind whirled-the meal, the scent of Esau’s clothes, the feel of his macho arms.

Apparently, it never fully occurred to Rebekah that she was plotting to deceive a blind old man-her own husband-who was within days or hours of death. She never hesitated at the thought that she was defrauding her firstborn son. Her love had lost its moorings to truth, to family loyalty, to God himself.

Why didn’t she sit down beside Isaac’s bed and ask him about his blessing for each son? Had she forgotten Isaac’s displeasure over Esau’s marriages? But Rebekah herself was blind, blinded by a bright but twisted idea.

Note her scheming agility when Jacob protests, “If my father touches me and realizes I am trying to trick him, he will put a curse on me instead . . . .” Rebekah insisted, “Let his curse fall on me! Just do what I say.”

No mother would ever deliberately wreak havoc like this on her own family. But fantasies never submitted to the Lord can subvert our judgment before we realize it.


Lord, let me open my mind and heart to you. Your will is good and beautiful. I give my dreams and myself to you. Amen.