"Life Is a Stage . . ."

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 27:5-17

Jacob was already blessed beyond imagining. He had been born into the family of Abraham, a man who knew God and whose faith was legendary. Jacob’s family was so wealthy-there were so many servants and livestock-that they could no longer share Abimelech’s territory. But Jacob wanted more.

Give Jacob credit. He realized that his mother’s scheme to steal the blessing was crazy-but only because it might backfire.

Can you imagine Jacob taking a lie detector test? “I am your son Esau your firstborn.” How had he found game so quickly? “The LORD your God gave me success.” A bald-faced lie-and in God’s name! “Are you really my son Esau?” Isaac asked. “I am,” Jacob replied. I hope his palms were sweating!

Here is a young man who had been dreaming and scheming so long that right and wrong blurred together. Life was his stage, and he was both playwright and actor. A skillful actor persuades his audience to believe something for a moment that they know is not real. But Jacob the actor fooled even himself.

Do we, like Jacob, persuade ourselves that we are doing God’s will when we are grasping what we want?


Lord, if I am only pretending to be yours, make me your child for real. May I recognize when I am only acting. Amen.