Feeling Good

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 27:30-41

Esau could have been a kid in your high school. He lived only for the moment. If it felt good, he did it. He never worried about yesterday or tomorrow. The most important thing was to have a good time right now-not after school was out and his homework was done.

Esau lived for the thrill of the moment throughout his life. Jacob didn’t


him out of his birthright; he


for it fair and square. Unfortunately for Esau, Jacob had been dreaming about this prize for a long time. But Esau hardly blinked an eye before replying, “Why not? Just dish up the food, and make it quick!”

If Esau ever reflected on his grandfather’s heritage and his family’s destiny, it didn’t show. He married the first girl he fell in love with-and the next one. Most days he went hunting. He reminds me of a college kid who cut class for the opening of deer season. What difference did it make that he was flunking his courses!

By living for the moment, Esau cheated himself out of his father’s blessing. He blamed Jacob, but he should have taken a long look in the mirror. Isaac’s dying words came too late to alter his firstborn’s future. And all the tears in the world or planning to murder his brother couldn’t make things right.


Lord, let me accept your loving call and give myself whole-heartedly to you lest I become careless. Amen.