Hitting Bottom

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 27:41-46
Genesis 28:1-2

Gaining his father’s blessing-it should have been Jacob’s shining moment! Instead, his brother was furious! How could Rebekah and Jacob have overlooked that possibility? But these schemers had one more trick: dodge the inevitable revenge while pursuing a nice girl for Jacob, a desperate move under a veneer of piety.

Notice how Rebekah fawned deference to Isaac’s leadership. “I’m disgusted with living because of these Hittite women. If Jacob takes a Hittite wife, my life will not be worth living.” True, they had agonized together over Esau’s wives. They


have reflected on the God of Abraham with their sons. They


have urged them to choose wives who shared their faith. They


have prayed. They


have … but it seems they didn’t.

Contrast Rebekah’s scheme with Abraham’s faith-filled plan to find a wife for Isaac. Abraham sent his most trusted employee, a man of great faith. But Rebekah planned to send her son who was still tied to her apron strings, who had no wilderness savvy and showed no evidence of faith.

God’s eye was on Jacob and he would use Jacob’s vulnerability to get his attention later. But, can such sorry behavior ever be justified?


Lord, when I make plans without listening to you, I make a mess of my life. Help me walk with you every day. Amen.