The Blessing That Really Matters

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 28:1-5

Isaac, now in his very last days, finally recalled the big picture. God had a plan for Abraham’s family and for the whole world. The important issue was not which twin would be “king of the mountain.” God Almighty gave his blessing to Abraham, Isaac, and finally to Jacob. He promised to make them fruitful until they became a community of peoples and would give them the land where they currently camped as nomads. That was God’s promise to Abraham and to Isaac. Finally, Isaac conveyed that promise to his son Jacob.

Notice how different this blessing is from the one Jacob stole by impersonating Esau.


blessing emphasized wealth and power. “May nations serve you. . . . Be Lord over your brothers.” But the blessing God gave to Abraham and his children was the privilege of belonging to God himself, of living in his presence, under his protection and care, every day of their lives.

God is with us. That is the blessing that matters. Jacob heard the words of this blessing on his way out the door into a future with no familiar landmarks. I first received this blessing as a confused college student. May you know God’s blessing too wherever you are. God is with us. This is the blessing that really matters.


Lord, Jacob didn’t deserve your blessing, and neither do I. Thank you for reaching out to me. You never give up. Amen.