Face to Face With God

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 28:10-22

Jacob was traveling light along the caravan route to Haran, an important stop on the way to Ur. It must have been lonely and overwhelming. At the end of day number one Jacob simply flopped on the ground. The family quarrels were behind him-for now.

Then everything changed. Jacob dreamed far more about God than he had ever understood. The God of his father and grandfather was speaking directly to him. The Lord was above the ladder reaching down to Jacob while Jacob was grasping whatever he could get.

God not only repeated Isaac’s blessing but added to it. “Your family will be a blessing to all people. Wherever you go, I will watch over you. I will bring you back. I won’t leave you.”

Talking to God is one thing. But imagine the Lord All-Powerful, looking straight at you, talking to


Jacob was overwhelmed and scared to death. But he didn’t just tuck away this experience in his memory. He memorialized it with a visible reminder for himself and other travelers. His vow acknowledged that his life would be bound tightly to God because


is faithful.

God is watching you. Slow down, listen, let him have his say. Your life will never be the same!


Lord, I didn’t realize you were watching me. I hear your voice now, and I know that you will always be with me. Amen.