A Beautiful Story

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 29:1-14

Jacob and Rachel-the most beautiful love story in the Bible. Jacob met the love of his life after he had hit bottom. God had just met him face to face. And before Jacob had time to scheme again he came across Laban’s shepherds and his beautiful daughter.

Imagine traveling with no cell phone and no email. There were no rest stops, no convenience stores, and no coke machines. Travelers in many places in the world still depend on other people-gracious people-rather than on technology.

When Jacob came across flocks of goats and sheep wasting valuable grazing time in the middle of the day, he was puzzled. These shepherds were probably waiting for the others to arrive out of courtesy or custom. Sharing precious water fairly was certainly crucial.

I don’t think that it was only Rachel’s beautiful face that spurred Jacob into action. When we are desperate and God provides exactly what we need, the experience is overwhelming. If you have had this experience, you will understand Jacob’s spontaneous emotions. If you haven’t yet reached the end of your rope, may the God of Jacob reveal your deepest need and fill it.


Lord, thank you for meeting me in my need. I have found that you truly are sufficient. Amen.