Honeymoon Shock

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 29:14-25

Jacob was on his own for the first time. These were truly the “hinge” years. The rest of his life would swing on the decisions he made during his youth.

God had profoundly changed Jacob. He arrived at his destination and found more than he could have hoped for. Rachel was beautiful. He was given a good job-entry-level but steady on Rachel’s father’s ranch!

For perhaps the first time in his life Jacob was completely straightforward: “I’ll work for you for seven years in return for your younger daughter Rachel.” Seven years! The bride price was sky high, but Jacob was in no hurry to go home. And so the deal was made.

Finally, the wedding day arrived. The ceremony wasn’t like ours. Their brides’ veils weren’t see-through fabric but homespun cloth which hid them completely. So Laban was able to trick Jacob. In the dark how could Jacob know who he held in his arms? “When morning came, there was Leah.”

How would you have reacted? My reaction would have gone from righteous indignation to anger, rage and threats! How could anyone be so low? But the new Jacob had been transformed by God’s love-and by his first true love. God really does change people’s lives!


Lord, you are truly all-powerful and loving beyond imagining. Thank you for changing my life. Amen.