Wrestling With God

Dorothy Hostetter

READ : Genesis 32:22-32

Jacob wrestled with an angel of God all night-it seems so strange that it is easy to miss the point. We often imagine two men literally struggling and sweating, each trying to pin the other to the mat. But it turns out that Jacob knew who his wrestling partner was, and both men had a very different goal in mind.

After Jacob escorted his family across the river, he went back alone. Why? Everything he owned was on the other side with his family. Did he sense that there were important issues he needed to resolve?

Remember that Jacob had just escaped from his domineering, deceitful father-in-law. Ahead was Esau, the brother he had cheated. In cat language he knew that he had already used up all nine of his lives.

Jacob’s assailant was no mugger, intent on stealing a pouch full of coins. It couldn’t have taken Jacob long to realize that he was struggling with his past and with God himself. That is why he went back alone and why he refused to give up until God blessed him.

Jacob already had Isaac’s blessing, the same blessing that God had given Abraham. But he needed to know that God had chosen




had a relationship with the living God. And so do we.


Lord, if I don’t know you yet as my Lord and Savior, wrestle with me too until I become completely yours. Amen.