The Need For a Change

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 10:13-14

This re-telling of the story of the famous King David begins with the death of his predecessor, King Saul. Chapter 10 describes a sad state of affairs among God’s people. They are not enjoying the blessings God has promised them. The reason is their Philistine enemies’ power over them; and the reason for


is the bad relationship between King Saul and their God.

When someone, like Saul, who should know better, chooses to ignore God’s directions, everything around him is likely to go wrong. What then is to be done? “Oh, give Saul another chance,” we might say. But God says, “Believe me, he’s a hopeless case. I shall replace him with someone else, and then things will go right.”

God’s love is not soft and easy-going. Here he uses defeat and death to bring about his long-term aims for his people’s blessing.

Saul’s sin is a fatal preference for going his own way. Do we find that familiar-and frightening? Might we too have sinned beyond the point of no return?

Not if we take note of how David’s reign is going to contrast with all this. Not if we tell the Lord, “I want to be a David-person, not a Saul-person.”


As the hymn says, Lord, may we love and fear you, evermore be near you. Amen.