The Servant King

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 11:1-3

How does the David of the Chronicles’ record come on the scene? Apart from one or two tiny hints, there is nothing here about the boy who once kept a flock, or played a harp, or killed a giant. This is a man: he has been commander of the armies of Israel, and is now to be its king.

At once we begin to see pointers to the likeness between David and his great descendant Jesus. First, he is the one who has championed his people in the past, and who from now on will govern them. Then it is important for them that he should be like them, one of their “own flesh and blood,” yet unlike them, an outstanding leader. Then again, while in one sense they choose him, yet the one they choose has to be the one God has already chosen.

Something else underlies all this. The first readers of Chronicles will have remembered an earlier scripture, First Samuel 13:14, and we shall remember a later one, Acts 13:22-23. Unlike Saul, his predecessor, David is going to

do God’s will.

By his obedience he contrasts with Saul’s rejection of God’s will. He foreshadows Jesus, the Servant King. That is the point Paul makes in the Acts passage.


Thank you, Lord, for every scripture that shows us something of the Lord Jesus. Amen.