All For a Drink of Water!

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 11:15-19

A rash but thrilling exploit, this would make a great movie sequence – and all for a bottle of water!

Were the three heroes hurt when David simply poured it away? The fact was that




hero. Their reckless foray, taking his whim at face value, expressed their devotion to him. By doing with the water what the law required to be done with the life-blood of a sacrifice, he showed, not how little, but how much, he appreciated it.

All the same, they had not really understood his longing for Bethlehem water. It was a matter neither of thirst nor of sentimentality, but of his grasp of God’s plan for his people. The incident dates from a time not only before he had made Jerusalem his capital but even before he first became king in Hebron. Saul still reigned. But it was the Philistines who ruled. David’s home town, like so much of Israel, was in enemy hands, and not enjoying the blessings God intended. That was what pained him. Things would be different when the Servant King was enthroned.


Lord, teach us to see things increasingly as you do; but though we shall always be spiritually shortsighted, let us at least be whole-hearted in your service. Amen.