A Word From the Spirit

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 12:16-18

This is another flashback to Saul’s reign, when it could be dangerous to side with David. Many did pledge their allegiance to him, all the same, including the mixed group in these verses.

David may be an ideal king who shows us something of the Lord Jesus, but he is still only human. He has no hot line to heaven; he cannot read the hearts of these new recruits. The men of Judah will not necessarily be loyal to him just because Judah is his own tribe. The men of Benjamin will not necessarily be untrustworthy just because Benjamin is Saul’s tribe.

But hear what God’s Spirit moves the leader of the group to tell David. They want to serve him; they believe that “success” (


“peace,” meaning all the blessings of God) will be found where he reigns; and that not just they, but God, can be trusted to stand by him.

David had been doubtful; Amasai’s words settled the doubt. People can say the weirdest things in the Lord’s name, but David knew these were the Spirit’s words because they tallied with what God had already said through his prophets.


Lord teach us to speak to you the words you have spoken to us. Amen.