Seeking the Lord

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 13:1-8

Old Testament people knew very well that God is everywhere. Yet there was a particular place of which he had said, “This is my place, and if you are serious about wanting to meet with me this is where you will do it.” He meant the ark, the gold-plated chest containing the Ten Commandments, wherever it might happen to be at the time. (It had moved often since its making in the time of Moses, and now it was to be brought to its final home in Jerusalem.)

For us it is no longer in any particular place that we are to seek God. But it is equally vital, now as then, that we should do it. As we know already, it was characteristic of the bad old days that Saul hadn’t obeyed the Lord, whereas now David would. Even more fundamentally, Saul hadn’t even sought the Lord, whereas now David would. That is what verse 3 says, echoing the last two verses of chapter 10.

Now as then, this means developing the habit of daily referring everything to the Lord. Saul’s occasional nod in his direction misses the point entirely.


Lord, remind us of your constant concern with all that we do. Amen.