Revering the Lord

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 13:9-14

Just as God’s presence is a far greater thing than could possibly be restricted to one particular place, so his holiness is a far greater thing than the lethal shock with which he struck down the unfortunate Uzzah. But in both respects the ark provided a kind of test for God’s people. Were they serious about wanting to seek God? And would they respect him when they did meet him? If so, they would be eager to do so where and how he directed.

There must have been guilt behind David’s anger. As he would admit later on (15:13), he should have organized the procession with more attention to the rules God had laid down, then Uzzah would not have died.

But whoever was at fault, that incident teaches a plain and important lesson, even today when places and things are no longer sacred as they were in Old Testament times. If we are to seek God (and God’s people must do that constantly, wherever they are), we shall do so with delight, certainly, but also with reverence.


Teach us, Lord, the respect due to a holy God. Amen.