Only Human

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 14:1-7

On the one hand a growing reputation and on the other a growing family-God is keeping his promise to give David both a name and a house, and not just the literal house that Hiram helps to build. Note the contrast with Saul, who died in failure and disgrace “and all his house died together.”

But there is also a contrast between the David of this chapter and the David of the last one. The Chronicles portrait of him may be the official one, depicting the “ideal” king, unlike the warts-and-all picture of Second Samuel. But that does not mean he is perfect; he too has his failures, as we have just seen. The difference between him and Saul is that, like Paul in Romans 7:22, he delights in God’s law in his inner being. He may often sin, but always he comes back to repentance and forgiveness. The underlying current of his life runs God’s way.

So the grace of God deals with his sins. And more than that, the plan of God reminds him that this is not just for his own sake but “for the sake of his people.” Happy the one who goes along with that grace and that plan!


Lord, keep the current of our lives running your way. Amen.