According to the Word of the Lord

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 15:11-15

At last the ark’s interrupted journey to Jerusalem is completed. This time David is determined to get things right. As regards the ceremonies surrounding the ark, it is left to the Levites to decide in detail who does what; but the worship-leaders do have to


Levites. As regards a structure to house the ark, a tent will be sufficient for the present, until in due course David’s son Solomon builds the temple. But when he does, it will have to follow the pattern of Moses’ original tabernacle. God has spoken.

No such rules apply to today’s church buildings and church services. But the passage does teach us at least two lessons, one from David and one about God. David has learned to take God’s word with the utmost seriousness, and so must we, though as Christians we are to look at Old Testament laws through New Testament lenses. God, for his part, has shown himself to be one who is always prepared to give a second chance to his repentant servant.


Lord, give us obedient and grateful hearts to make the most of second chances. Amen.