Seek and Remember

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 16:7-13

There would have been a good deal more to the celebrations at the ark’s arrival than the thanksgiving of chapter 16, long though that is. But just a couple of its opening verses, taken from Psalm 105, highlight two of the key themes of the ceremony, and indeed of the whole of Chronicles.

“Seek” (verse 11)-refer everything to the Lord-is what Saul didn’t do, what David did do, and what all who want God’s blessing must do.

“Remember” (verse 12), a constant refrain in Chronicles, is a wise word to every generation which, like ours, is perpetually looking to the future, with fear or with confidence, with ambition or with hopelessness. It is by remembering what God has done in the past that you know how he will shape the future.

The chapter goes on to remind us of some of the lessons of history. Our


is Scripture (verses 15-17), our


is a glorious inheritance (verse 18), our


is in a God who rescues the helpless (verses 19-22), our


is to sound his praises through all the world (verses 23ff.).


Lord, teach us to remember your past deeds and to seek your future plans. Amen.