The King's House

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 17:10-14

David now lives in a fine house in Jerusalem, and wants to build one for the ark too. If the king has a palace, the Lord ought to have a temple.

The Lord’s answer is remarkable. It is partly that he intends not David but his son Solomon to build the temple, though David is to make preparations for it. Sometimes God’s allocation of jobs to his servants is different from what they would have chosen for themselves.

But partly-and this is the main point of our passage -the Lord has a far greater plan in mind. He will build


a house, and he means not bricks and mortar, but a family, a dynasty. (We saw hints of this in 10:6 and 14:3.)

David found this promise mind-blowing enough. His descendants on the throne of Israel for centuries to come!? But the fact was to be more astonishing still. One of those descendants was to reign over that house literally forever; his kingdom would never end (Luke 1:32-33). And, as the New Testament also says, “we are his house” (Hebrews 3:6) if today we give our allegiance to King Jesus.


Lord, make us worthy of this royal inheritance. Amen.