Learning a Better Way

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 17:20-24

In Chronicles, David shows us something of Christ, and David’s kingdom shows us something of Christ’s kingdom. The difference between the two great kings is of course that David is not perfect! He sometimes gets things wrong. But when God corrects him, he does learn his lessons well.

In itself, there was nothing wrong with the idea of building a temple. David’s plans for it, however, did not square with God’s plans, though even the prophet Nathan had assumed they would (verse 2). God’s were much bigger and more far-reaching.

It is not always easy to abandon our good ideas in favor of God’s better ones. What helped David to do so was a look back to the amazing way God’s plans for his people had in the past proved to be far more wonderful than any that they might have dreamed up.

So he was able to accept that what he would have loved to do for God was not actually what God wanted. He learned to pray that most effective of all prayers, “Do as thou hast said” (verse 23, KJV).


Lord, bring our thoughts more and more into line with yours. Amen.