A Different Kind of Achievement

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 18:9-13

When the Lord said no to his temple-building proposal, was David disappointed? It was certainly dear to his heart, as we shall see, and he would leave Solomon a very detailed blueprint and lovingly-amassed resources for it. Yet Chapter 17 has shown how readily he accepted that in God’s mind it was to be a peace-time project for his son, while his own reign was to be one of warfare.

Where there are wars there will be bloodshed, and David’s were no exception. The obvious question this may raise in our minds is left here to one side. Chronicles focuses our attention elsewhere. The positive point about David’s wars is this: he, in the providence of God, conceives the idea of a temple, but is not himself to build it (chapter 17); his task is to lay the foundation, either by victories or by alliances (chapter 18), for the Israelite empire that his son will rule. In Solomon’s peaceful reign the Lord’s house will be built.

Recognizing that God’s plan for him was not what he had thought, David willingly threw himself into this different role, and the Lord gave him great success in it.


Lord, may we believe, and then discover, that your plans turn out much better than ours ever could. Amen.