A Golden Crown for a Bad Man?

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 20:1-3

If you know the passage in Second Samuel that begins as this one does, you will also know that the way it goes on is very different. The interesting thing is what Chronicles leaves out! Between David’s sending of Joab to Rabbah and his going there himself, the earlier history has nearly two whole chapters about his affair with Bathsheba, in the course of which he broke at least five of the Ten Commandments. He may have been a great king, but he could also be a great sinner.

Is Chronicles trying to hush this up, and to whitewash David’s character? Hardly, because the scandalous story is so well known from that older scripture. Rather, we are to grasp the humbling fact that even a man so guilty can be forgiven, restored, and used again in the ongoing purposes of God. The grace of God can lift up every repentant sinner, and crown him with glory and honor. Chronicles turns our eyes away from the scandal to the splendor.


We look forward, Lord, to the day when your glory will banish all our darkness. Amen.