Evil Overruled For Good

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 21:1-8

Chronicles may omit the Bathsheba story, but it does recognize that the “model king” could sometimes go wrong. Although we may wonder why taking an army census should have been sinful, God said it was, Joab and Gad agreed, and David himself finally admitted it. Probably it was a sign that he was tending to rely on his military power and success rather than on the God who gave them to him.

Two other parties were involved. Satan was tempting David to sin, in order to make trouble. God was allowing him to do so, with a view to bringing good out of evil, and a very special good at that.

Neither fact lets David off the hook; he was still responsible for the sin, and for the suffering which, as before, it brought to other people. But what was to come out of it all was the designating of a site for the future temple, the place where (for those times) not only David’s sin but also everyone else’s might find forgiveness. That is the real objective of these chapters. It points us on to the cross, where God was going to use a terrible sin, the crucifying of his Son, to bring about the remedy for every sin.


Thank you, Lord, for all you have done for the forgiveness of sinners. Amen.