Father and Son

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 22:11-16

In Samuel and Kings, David the hero ends as a sad old man, and Solomon’s reign also begins wonderfully well and ends badly. Chronicles tells the story differently. True, both reigns were troubled, and both men were flawed. But it is also true that in God’s larger scheme their reigns were the golden age of the kingdom, and were the time when the temple was first proposed and prepared and then built and brought into use. The temple worship was a model of how God’s people could come to him; the kingdom was a model of how he could rule and bless them.

So in today’s chapter God is ensuring that his great plan for those years is carried on from father to son, regardless, in a sense, of their failures.

All the same, none of this will happen automatically. They must try not to fail. Solomon needs to hear God’s assurances, and grasp God’s promises, and walk in God’s ways. He needs the prayers and the challenges of others (like David’s here). God will work his purpose out, but he expects the willing co-operation of his people.


You work in spite of our sins, Lord; but all the same, help us not to commit them. Amen.