New Occasions, New Duties

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 23:25-32

The structures and worship of the temple were going to be based on those of the tabernacle of Moses’ time. There was one obvious difference. Like the homes of his people, God’s house had been in those early days a tent, and movable, while now it was to be a building, and permanent.

This would affect the job descriptions of many in the tribe of Levi. Those Levites who belonged to Aaron’s family were all priests, and their service for God would change little. But those who were not priests had traditionally had the job of transporting the components of the tabernacle when it moved from place to place. Not that it had moved very often in recent years; but tradition dies hard, especially when changes are threatened-and especially among the people of God!

David requires the Levites to take on a new role. It will be different, but equally necessary. Caring for the furnishings of the temple is just as important as carrying them around. “New occasions teach new duties,” and happy the servant of God who is flexible enough to accept such altered demands when the church faces the challenge of a changed situation.


If your plans bring changes, Lord, make us willing to accept them. Amen.