Using Gifts in the Service of God

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 25:1, 6-8

When David redefined the Levites’ ministry, he added to the duty of looking after the “properties” of the temple, that of leading the people’s praise and thanksgiving (23:30).

Though we no longer have a temple in that sense, we do still meet to sing God’s praises, and there are important principles here that apply to modern church music.

“Prophesying” was expected-probably unrehearsed spontaneous singing as the Spirit moved. Such music was not to be despised, though neither was it to be allowed to take over in view of what follows. For skill, too, was expected. Mere enthusiasm is no substitute for ability; if God calls, he equips, and not every Levite would have been given special musical gifts.

The training of the skill was also important. Ability alone was not enough. There would have to be preparation and hard work. And as well as everything else, the musicians had to be willing to be chosen by lot -or not chosen, as the case might be-for any particular event. No competitiveness or rivalry where temple music was concerned!


Great principles for a church choir, Lord! Teach us their equivalents in every other kind of Christian service. Amen.