A Holy Nation

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 27:25-34

Although the names of these people may be unfamiliar, their functions are rather like those of various government departments today. This part of Chronicles began seven chapters back as an account of David’s preparations for the temple, but that has now developed into an outline of how the entire nation was administered and governed. The temple was to be the hub of Israel’s life

as a whole.

God’s presence among his people affected all they did.

The need for gatekeepers, or temple guards, showed that in one sense there was a small area of the land of Israel which was to be kept especially holy. Everything within the boundaries of the Jerusalem temple had one distinctive purpose: to help people grasp how a sinner can come to God. In another sense, however, all Israel was holy. There was no distinction between the sacred and the secular. God was concerned with the whole of life.

This is not yet recognized by the world, but it ought to be recognized by the church. There is no aspect of the lives of Christian people, no place, no day, no member of their fellowship, that is not just as holy, just as important, as all the rest.


Fill our lives, O Lord our God, in every part with praise. Amen.