The King is Dead: Long Live the King!

Michael Wilcock

READ : 1 Chronicles 29:26-30

The end of David’s reign is described in 1 Kings with all its ups and downs, like a turbulent sea. The very different account in Chronicles, equally truthful, concentrates on the great ocean currents that move irresistibly forward, regardless of the storms on the surface.

So despite all the nation’s panics and crises, God sees to it that the crown of Israel is transferred as he intends from one great king to another. Two reigns, one throne, all of a piece: God’s undivided kingdom.

The “chronicles” mentioned here are probably the earlier ones on which the books of Samuel and Kings were based. They were the work of prophets. That is to say, what God did as he oversaw the events of those years was likewise all of a piece with what he said through his spokesmen. His words and his deeds agree, and are not to be separated.

Even the affairs of “the kingdoms of all the other lands,” the pagan nations of the ancient world, slot in to the grand overall plan of God. What a great God we have, who governs all that happens so that it serves his purposes for his people!


Yours, Lord, is the kingdom; in you we trust through all the turmoils of this world. Amen.