I Have You in My Heart

Fifth Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, MI

READ : Philippians 1:6-8

With warmth and affection the Apostle Paul remembers his friends in Philippi. He has gone through a great deal of loneliness, suffering, persecution, and imprisonment. But as thoughts of his Christian friends in the Philippian church fill his mind, his dark days in prison are brightened. He is encouraged with the confidence that God will see through to the end the work that has begun in Philippi.

His heart is warmed as he reflects on the fact that they all share in God’s grace with him. The word “share” in verse 7 is closely related to the word “partnership” (verse 4) that we looked at yesterday. The two terms together refer to actions more than attitude. The Philippians participated with Paul in his tough missionary work through their financial contributions and personal encouragement. Because they did, they occupied a special place in Paul’s heart.

This certainly ought to characterize all people in the church-staff and members alike. As we have each other in our hearts, our churches become centers of God’s gracious acts and presence.

written by Jim Zinger


Father, give us hearts for fellow believers as we share together in your grace. Amen.